Nawat organization

The Acronym :

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  • The Type Of The Organisation : Association or Organization
  • Year Of Incorporation :2018
  • Number of Members:7
  • Number Of The Female Members: 3

Sustainable development and a stable society to build the future human being who is able to lead society towards progress and development
An independent, non-profit civilian humanitarian organization. It aims to build an economically and socially stable society capable of keeping pace with development through sustainable development projects (quality education - decent work and economic growth - poverty eradication - sustainable cities and communities)

About the Organization

Sub Areas Of Work
  • Livelihoods and Food Security
  • Education
  • Hygiene, water and sanitation projects
  • Protection
  • Psychological health
  • Health
  • Environmental issues
  • Other
Target Groups
  • There is no specific category
Policies And Written Rules
  • Code of Conduct
  • Child Protection
  • Anti-Corruption
  • HR Policy
  • Purchasing Policy
  • Anti-harassment policy
  • Financial Policy
  • Privacy policy
Contact With The Organisation

The Email Address Of The Person :

Phone Number : 00963997061978

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