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Civil Society Gateway

The civil society gateway is a platform for the organizations of the Syrian civil society aiming at: Strengthening the role of the Syrian civil society, and deepening the knowledge of its organizations and institutes and how they work through creating a space for these organizations to communicate and exchange experiences, knowledge and resources in order to reach mutual work mechanisms between them which necessarily leads to coordination a better response and more participation in social and political life for the building of Syria’s future. The Syrian civil society gateway is a platform run by the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM) is an independent non-governmental non-profit organization. We seek to build a society that guarantees freedom of expression and belief, human rights, and justice. Our vision is a democratic world based on justice, freedom, equality and respect for human rights and dignity. The platform provides its organization with the possibility of displaying their data and activities and the ability to identify them. It also publishes the reports, studies and news issued by Syrian organizations and these international organizations and UN agencies. Besides, the platform allows the visitors who are not registered to see ads for work and funding opportunity.

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