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Reporting violations against civil society activists

Based on the importance of the role played by civil society organizations working in Syrian affairs, and the fact that these organizations are among the groups most vulnerable to harassment and violations as a result of the roles they play on the ground. The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression, within the Civil Society Gateway project, established an observatory to follow up and document violations against Syrian civil society organizations in all Syrian regions, in neighboring countries and in the diaspora. The Observatory will document any violation, repression or harassment by the local authorities against the work of civil society actors, whether at the level of institutions / organizations or individuals, to which they are exposed because of their activity within these organizations, and the work of the Observatory aims to collect and analyze data to identify the obstacles to the work of community organizations Civil society and change the space for freedom of work.

The observatory will produce reports on the Syrian civil society and its role based on the data that will be collected and the reported incidents. The first report will be issued during the second quarter of next year, and will focus on the performance of Syrian civil society organizations and the change in the space of civil society. This report will advocate for Syrian civil society locally and internationally and amplify the voice of Syrian civil society organizations.

You can report these violations through the following links:

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression confirms through this observatory that protecting personal information is one of our most important priorities and ensuring the protection of the confidentiality of information provided by organizations, or by applicants for documentation

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