Privacy Policy

Property Rights:
All rights reserved to the Civil Society gateway. The gateway administration is not allowed to re-use or publish outside the gateway without mentioning the source.
Unless otherwise indicated, all materials and content (including data, news, statistics, studies, job opportunities, financing, references, news and photos, without limitation are reserved to the gateway administration - in addition to the organization that owns the content - and it does not allow to be used or re-published without mentioning the source.
According to what mentioned above, it is strictly forbidden to copy, modify or maintain systems of retrieval or re-transmission, in any form or by any electronic, mechanical or other means, without mentioning the source.
Any person who performs any reproduction or impersonation of the content published on the gateway without mentioning the source will be held legally accountable. This work is considered a violation of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (1886), as amended in Paris in 1979, where the administration of the gateway or the organization that owns the disputed content is entitled to Concerning him to take the necessary legal prosecutions against the party that committed the violation
The gateway administration has the right to publish any content that show on the identifiers of registered organizations at least an hour after public publication.

Rights of registered organizations:
Each registered organization will have its own account (that defined by it) that authorizes it to publish its information and activities and to control the information that is published on the platform
The possibility of updating the organization's file in the civil society index on the gateway
Publish jobs, invitations, projects, resources, press statements, activities and news
Participate in discussions and communicate with other actors in civil society through civil directory groups. It also has the opportunity to join closed discussions and launch campaigns and calls for action (they will be activated later when a space for discussion will be added).

Limitations and Responsibilities:
The gateway administration is not considered responsible for the content posted by any registered member on the gateway, and therefore it is not responsible for any content deemed inaccurate, insulting, inappropriate or unreliable
The gateway administration disclaims its responsibility for any inaccurate, unreliable or incorrect information provided by the registered members
The gateway administration is not considered responsible for any damage resulting from users ’content or behavior, especially illegal or unethical behavior.
The gateway administration is not responsible for the jobs listed on the portal, and has no relationship to the recruitment process. These operations are controlled by those registered organizations the directly, and the gateway administration disclaims its responsibility for any error or damage resulting from mismanagement of the recruitment process for any opportunity published on the gateway.
The gateway administration has the right to delete any existing data in the event of a justification (hate speech, violence, or incitement speech based on gender, ethnic, religious, national, or sectarian grounds). Those affected by that have the right to object by an official email, and the gateway administration must explain the reason for the deletion.
All of what published on the gateway represents the viewpoint of the information-possessing organization and does not necessarily represent the view of the rest of the registered organizations or others.

Rights of the Visitors:
The visitors have the right to view all available data, including organizations' data, news, activities, opportunities, and references, but they are not entitled to publish on the gateway, and the right of access is restricted to property rights according to what was mentioned above.

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